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Muscle Elements Lean on Me Instagram Giveaway

Get the Lean on Me Stack Plus the Truth with this instagram giveaway brought to you by our friends at Muscle Elements!!!!

*** Follow these Steps to enter to win! It’s easy!!!!

  • Follow/Like @muscleelements on Instagram
  • Follow/Like @totalnutritionweston on Instagram
  • Repost/Share this Image – you will find it on our Instagram
  • Tag @muscleelements and @totalnutritionweston when you repost/share
  • Use hashtag #TotalLeanonMe with your repost/share

 Winner will receive the ultimate “GET LEAN” stack just in time for summer!!! The stack includes the following:

212°  – a state of the art full spectrum fat incinerator that incorporates 3 scorching blends of research proven ingredients enabling you to effectively get rid of unwanted body fat. 212° has a powerful thermogenic blend that will not only give you the energy to blast through your day and your workout but it will promote lipolysis (breakdown of lipids/fats), improve mental focus, and reduce hunger.

LeanWorks – one of the most comprehensive, stimulant-free weight loss products on the market today. LeanWorks consists of 3 different formula blends that will address every mechanism of losing weight; it will increase your body’s core temperature, rid your body of excess water, promote lipolysis (breakdown of lipids/fats), reduce adipose tissue from further accumulating, regulate your blood sugar, and increase fat metabolism. In addition to fighting fat, LeanWorks will combat the dread of dieting by controlling your appetite and elevating your mood! LeanWorks is quite versatile as well; you can even take LeanWorks before bed and/or combined with a stimulant based weight-loss product such as 212° by Muscle Elements!*

The TRUTH protein blend – designed for 4-6 hours of protein and amino acid absorption into the blood stream to keep you anabolic throughout the day to maintain and grow lean muscle tissue*. Great for anytime use and with the added benefit of GanedenBC30®, a probiotic that not only supports digestion and immune health but also increases absorption of 23 important amino acids** including Leucine which is critical to stimulate muscle protein synthesis*.

  • NO Hormones, NO Artificial Colors,
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners,
  • NO Artificial Flavors, NO Amino Spiking
  • NO Proprietary Blends, NO Guessing,
  • NO Confusion, NO Deception… Just The TRUTH™

Winner will be announced 4/10/2015



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